A hand crafted alternative to a broken or damaged old ring can retain the sentimental value and see you wear it proudly, once again.

Jewellery is important to us. One way or another, we associate it with the treasures we collect throughout our lives. When a grandparent dies and leaves behind their jewellery, family members often divide the pieces among themselves. The jewellery that makes its way down to you this way has been pre-loved. This often means it is damaged or broken. When we wear the jewellery, we remember that this is how it arrived to us. We want to retain that special connection to our lost loved one – but ultimately we put the ring or the broken watch or the necklace without a pendant in a drawer and forget.

What if we told you there was a better way to enjoy the jewellery that carries sentimental value to you? What if we mentioned that instead of tossing it in a drawer, it could find a permanent lease of life on your neck, wrist, or finger? All it takes is the skill of the expert gemmologists and jewellers here at Richard Burton Jewellery to rework that old piece into something new. Something spectacular. Something that remains just as special as it always was?

Defining Sentimental Jewellery

Here in the UK, we collect items from our loved ones. Sentimental jewellery is just that. It is the umbrella term we use to describe your grandmother’s ruby necklace, the engagement ring you got from your first fiancé, or the eternity ring passed down from your father when your mother dies. It could be dad’s old watch that hasn’t worked since 1992, or the cufflinks your grandad wore during the war.

The point in sentimental jewellery is that it reminds you of something or someone. It could be a significant event of a favourite person. It could be a dog or a cat, a competition, or a play. When these items are passed on to us from dead loved ones, they are always broken and unusable. If this is the case for you, here is how you fix it.

Bespoke Remodelling of Sentimental Jewellery

As a Hatton Garden trained award-winning jewellers in the UK, we handcraft all our rings, necklaces, chains, and pendants, just for you. Our signature collection highlights the epitome of the style our professional jewellers can create. Each piece is unique and brilliant, made to display the stones or the clock face or the pattern. We place each link meticulously. We polish every stone just for you. What better way could there be to create custom jewellery out of your sentimental pieces than by entrusting it to our exemplary team?

It has never been easier to create bespoke handmade sentimental jewellery that works for you. Contact us or visit our showroom in Clacton-on-Sea to discuss your needs. We can suggest designs and additions to restore your sentimental jewellery to its old perfection or improve upon it. No matter the piece, our expert gemmologists have the time and skill to help you. Trust us to rework your sentimental rings, necklaces, and watches, into jewellery you are proud to wear. We will protect those precious memories at all costs.